Honest & Upfront

Rates & Terms

Work is charged from £25 per hour.

Hourly rates relate to professional services and will include time spent on the assignment, liaison with client by telephone or email and face to face meetings. Any additional specific costs incurred such as stationery, postage, packing, travel and other expenses will be charged separately at cost price.

If weekend or evening assistance is requested there is a surcharge of 50% on the hourly rate.

Terms – Client Contract, Confidentiality Agreement and Consent Form

Clients will be sent a Client Contract, Confidentiality Agreement and Consent Form. This must be signed and returned before the commencement of any work. Your VA is a registered Data Controller, compliant with GDPR and registered under the Anti-Money Laundering Supervision Regulations.

Your VA is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of individuals and has developed a Privacy Policy that covers how personal data is collected, used and stored. Click here to read our Privacy Policy.

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